Do i have tss quiz

do i have tss quiz
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Citeste parerea catorva dintre ei si vezi cum te poate ajuta si pe tine sa iti atingi obiectivele! His Agile training balances the theoretical part with examples and real-life situations to help the trainees understand and memorize the concepts. Moreover, the support Mihai gives post-training is a key to study and prepare for the exam to take it from your first try. His commitment continues even after the training has ended so that you have his support in preparing for the Certification Exam if that is what you want.

The course is well structured but as with all group activities, the experience may differ according to the participants. The course is very well structured and Mihai found the most suitable ways to present all concepts in a very interactive manner.

do i have tss quiz

I strongly recommend Mihai, an exceptional trainer, very involved, dedicated and supportive. More than that, one of the most important is that Mihai is a great motivator, he will always find ways to encourage during your learning process.

It helped me understand how to go through specific prep books without getting lost in the information presented there. Mihai Olaru was a great trainer. Really prepared and supportive throughout the course and also until I took the exam.

He was open to discussions and additional clarifications that I needed. The material do i have tss quiz after the training were helpful and really gave me an idea of what the exam would be like. I would highly recommend PM Access and especially Mihai as your collaborator on your road to obtaining this certification.

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His main focus is on helping you understand the agile mindset, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. What really impressed me was the support he provided after the course, developing a very personalized study plan and having several Skype meetings afterwards, clarifying tricky areas.

This was much more than I expected when I signed up for the course.

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I wish all trainers would have the skills, mindset and support shown by him. The trainer, Mihai, was very knowledgeable, I appreciated his communication and presentation skills a lot, all the real-world examples he gave, and the way he led the story and connected all the bits and pieces.

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Only with his help I managed to fully understand the Agile mindset. An exceptional coach and mentor, extremely supportive and dedicated in helping anyone who aspires to become an Agile Certified Practitioner. I fully and strongly recommend Mihai! Within this course, Mihai combined the theoretical do i have tss quiz practical aspects of Agile in a very fresh, interactive and easy to follow mode. Now I feel that my agile mindset is better structured and more effective than before.

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I also obtained more leverage in convincing my colleagues, managers and clients of the agile benefits and it's capacity in delivering successful products.

It all started with this course and I want to thank Mihai for it! In the end, the PMI-ACP training was, sincerely, more then I hoped and truly opened my eyes about the diversity and pragmatism of agile technologies. Mihai Olaru is a great trainer and he made us believe that all the problems have a solution and after three days of course, I was sure that I need to continue to get more details about the mindset behind agile technologies and getting the certification appeared to be the next step in that direction.

Now, after few months and holding the certification, I think this is a great achievement and and it was worth all the effort.

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I feel that his experience in the field is a critical factor in the success of my endeavor as he can relate to the situations quickly giving examples of how to take on challenges and assess how different actions impact the future development. The emphasis on real life scenarios and solutions make this one of the top trainings to go through for an aspiring or experienced project manager. Mihai's teaching method is very effective and easy to follow.

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After the training, we created a personalized study plan, based on my available time to learn. It was an excellent approach, as step by step we had discussions and emphasis on the areas needing improvement. Mihai is very supportive, makes use of examples from real life experience in order to facilitate understanding of the agile mindset. He is a great speaker and excellent facilitator. Mihai has my highest recommendation for the position of Agile trainer and professional.

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Thank you, Mihai! Good insight, strong recommendations, excellent advisor and partner for the certification journey. More than this, he helped me with a scheme of learning plan that was crucial for obtaining the certification. Before exam he took the time to block some virtual meetings for clarification, for solidifying the knowledge gathered and eliminating uncertainty.

He was also a good motivator, shifting my exam perspective. I truly recommend this course it changes your mindset and Mihai Olaru as a trainer!

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Congrats, Mihai, for making a difference! Over the three days intensive training, Mihai was an excellent facilitator and organized the course in a perfect balance between useful theory and practical ideas. What I admire even more is that I had his support until the day I took and passed the ACP exam, which was one month later after the training was over. Always the questions and concerns I had were immediately addressed and helped me to clarify many terms and processes that I had little knowledge of before.

do i have tss quiz

Therefore if you are looking for a trainer with impressive knowledge and expertise on Agile methodologies, I can recommend him highly without any reservations. After all this experience, I can say I was lucky because I found out a very good trainer both professional and human with a very well structured course.

In a nutshell this course's differentiator is the very comprehensive summary of the Agile Exam Content and the after-course relation with Mihai the fact that you have a personalized schedule made by Mihai depending on your time availability and that Mihai is doing his best in keeping you connected with frequent follow-ups to the agreed schedule :.

I recommend Mihai and his course, openhearted, for all those interested to obtain this certification. Dedicated and highly skilled as a trainer, coach and mentor, made me to have a much clear understanding about Agile, and started to immediately change and adapt my current mind-set.

He is very supportive, cares about his work, and can really make the things happen for anyone that wants to be Agiledo Agile and to get certified for these. Keep up the good work and see you soon for another journey!

do i have tss quiz

Even all of us were from different domains of expertise, some of the trainees didn't use Agile before, after the course he managed to induce us all that Agile mindset which is the key feature of the whole thing. After each module we had a 15 questions test, explained after. He gave us access to docs, tests, and moreover, he will train each of us for the ACP exam, adapted to each person's pace of learning.

Highly recommend!

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Mihai is a very hands-on coach. Not only did he provide relevant information during the training, but he also provided a personalized learning plan after the training in order to prepare for the exam. Then he followed through the plan by making himself available for guidance via dedicated skype sessions.

Also, when I encountered areas where I felt I was less prepared, Mihai was kind enough to help me with reference material specifically targeted for the areas needing improvement.

These reference materials proved to be of much bigger use for the exam that I would have initially assumed. I say program because it's not limited to the 3 days of training.

do i have tss quiz

During the training, Mihai combined the theoretical information with real-life examples. In the period between the training and the exam, he helped with a tailored learning plan, frequently checking in to see if things were unclear. It really helped that he was available for follow up questions until the day of the exam. The teaching method is very natural, I like that he is varying theoretical aspects with very hands-on examples from Agile world.

I felt I learned in 3 days what I could have do i have tss quiz in a few months by my own, and I think Mihai also taught me not only how to do agile but also how to become Agile.

After the training course he encouraged me to take the exam as a proof of my knowledge.

do i have tss quiz

He created a personalized program for taking the exam. I made a 6 months break of learning due to some personal problems, but when I got back I had all his support. He always found time to answer any question I had, and they were a lot of them! He always found a good metaphor to explain me the do i have tss quiz concepts.

I hope I can work again with him, and I will probably attend another course he is teaching "Scrum for Teams" in the near future. The content of the course is rich, explanatory, with plenty of tools to use in various businesses and areas.

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The course convinced me agile could be a smart way to work and stay together. The tutor is well prepared and makes the training very lively and interactive. I feel well prepared for the exam. Mihai has great training skills. He managed to present all the material into a professional manner.

Great performance from Mihai Olaru, I highly recommend him as a trainer!

do i have tss quiz

I loved every minute of the training! Mihai has excellent training skills and helped us grasp the concepts by providing useful examples. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to go a step further into agile practices. You have a lot of things to learn even though you are or you are not familiar with Agile.

I am doing Agile for like years already and I learned a lot of new things. So go get it!