Gastric cancer on endoscopy.

A complex system of endoscopic autofluorescence was inaugarated in Research Center of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Craiova infor the first time in Romania.

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Endoscopic autofluorescence is a new screening method for malignant lesions of digestive tract severe dysplasia, early esophageal and gastric cancer, early colo-rectal cancer. The principle of autofluorescence diagnosis is based on the interaction between light at a specific wavelength and fluorophores in tissue.

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The detection of abnormal lesions with autofluorescence depends on changes in the concentration or depth distribution of the endogenous fluorophores, changes in the tissue microarchitecture, or both, including altered mucosal thickness or blood concentration, that can affect the fluorescence intensity.

Autofluorescence endoscopy laboratory offer high performance diagnostics and therapeutic procedures: Trimodal upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopic examinations: magnifying endoscopy with white light, autofluorescence endoscopy, narrow band imaging mode endoscopic biopsies of the lesions complexe therapeutic procedures: polypectomy and endoscopic mucosal resections endoscopic band ligation of esophageal varices and haemostasis in gastrointestimal bleeding All this procedures are completed by biopsies examinations with complex pathological and immunohistochemical analyses.

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