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What kind of cleaner is that?

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Și cred că ai dreptate, cred că cel mai curat este o femeie. And I think you're right, I think the cleaner is a woman. Aerul curat este de a face bine ei. The fresh air is doing her good. Un mediu curat este esenţial pentru sănătatea umană şi pentru bunăstare.

A clean environment is essential for human health and well-being.

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Un tract digestiv curat este esențială pentru o sănătate optimă. A clean whats it called when they clean your blood tract is essential for optimal health. Sânge curat este apoi a revenit la corpul tau. The clean blood is then returned to your body. Pentru majoritatea tinerilor, echipament tehnic şi de performanţă motorul curat este important.

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For young people mostly, the technical equipment and clean engine performance is important. Și judecând după cât de curat este acest loc And judging by how clean this place is Partea cu făcutul curat este provizoriu. But the cleaning part is just for now. Nu, aer curat este bun. No, fresh air is good. Oau, aer curat este bun. Whoo, fresh air is good.

In the first year of detoxification you can go through a complete body purification of four sessions, one session each season. If you want to lose more weight we recommend repeating the detox session after 3 months from the first detox program in order to alkaline you body, balance blood pressure and keep your motivation. You can repeat detoxification every 6 months after you have reached your ideal weight and have changed you life-style by eating and living healthily.

Solul curat este o problemă critică - nitrificarea, zonele moarte din Golful Mexic. Clean soil is a critical problem - the nitrification, the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Așa numitul aer curat este poluat. So-called fresh air is loaded with pollutants. Dar apoi m-am gândit, știți, curat papilloma virus vaccino dove farlo mai bine.

But then I just thought, you know, neat is better.

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Dar ce știu este că, un drum curat este important pentru orice oraș. But what I do know is that Un sugar curat este un sugar fericit. A clean child is a happy baby.

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Un orfan curat este un orfan bun. A clean orphan is a good orphan.

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După mai puțin de trei ore submarin o curat este deja apropie. In less than 3 hours submarines will overtake us.

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Chiar și aerul curat este lăsat să intre periodic. They don't let no air in. Ce păcat că acest mediu curat este pe cale să fie răsfățat, de către deținuți. What a pity that this pristine environment is about to be spoiled, by prisoners.

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